Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp 2 Piece Grinder - Independent - Display of 24

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Wholesale Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder - Independent - Display of 24


This is the only on-the-go wholesale grinder you can feel good about throwing away! No matter if you're just visiting, or if you're trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint, this hemp grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder can be used for a short time or years... whatever you need!

Features & Specs.

  • 100% Natural Hemp
  • Biodegradable Grinder
  • Compostable Label
  • No Plastic (NO BPA)
  • Travel Friendly
  • Extremely Durable
  • Stays Sharp
  • Fluffy Grind
  • Unique Tooth Design
  • Made In California

What's in the Box.

  • 24x - Santa Cruz Shredder 4-piece Biodegradable Hemp Grinder - Independent
  •   1x - Display box

Extra Information

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