New XVape additions!

New XVape additions!

Published by Joshua Warihay on Jan 15th 2020

About XVape

XVape was started around 10 years ago by two vape industry engineers with one simple goal; provide customers the highest quality vaporizers at a reasonable price point. XVape is hard at work every day striving to provide a better, more fun and easier shopping experience than ever before. 

What to Expect

Best Prices on the Market

We'll be working very closely with the manufacturer to make sure we're offering the same price as if you were to go direct. Hopefully this helps you save on shipping by getting all of your beloved products from one location!

Free Merch

We want to set you and your employees up for success with free hats, t-shirts, sunglasses and more for you to promote the brand! We'll make sure to keep you updated as to when these arrive!

Sales Tips

We'll be providing manufacturer approved sales content to help educate you and your employees on the basic selling points of each vaporizer. You'll know not only what sets each vaporizer apart from the competition but which lower margin products you should substitute for better selling XVape alternatives.

Manufacturer Support

We know things can be a little slow moving in this industry, but you should expect more from your distributor and the manufacturers of the products you carry. XVape has made a full commitment to provide fast & reliable support to both you and your customers no matter what questions you might have! We'll replace manufacturer defects with extremely fast turn around times so you can offer your customers peace of mind when it comes to their purchases.