Piranha Product Launch: The Latest Accessory Additions

Piranha Product Launch: The Latest Accessory Additions

Published by Denise Mckenzie on Oct 25th 2021

Piranha started in 2011 with a high-minded intention: to provide the best experiences for the modern smoker by offering a broad range of trendy and functional accessories at affordable prices for the modern smoker. From Gen Z to the OG's, Piranha's products define quality, performance, and style. 

Check out what we just got in!

We're rolling out a fantastic new lineup of rigs, water pipes, tasters, rolling trays, storage, and grinders by Piranha, just in time for the holiday season. Here's a rundown of everything we've got in stock so far.

Rigs & Waterpipes

Check out our fresh selection of water pipes and rigs available at affordable wholesale prices in a variety of new styles, colors, and sizes.


The Piranha Beaker is available in three sizes (10, 12, and 14-inches) and multiple colors. This classic-style bong serves as your quintessential bong with a modern twist. The beaker-shaped base enhances filtration and allows for the smoke to cool before inhalation.

This borosilicate glass Beaker comes with a down stem featuring a built-in percolator and includes a bowl piece compatible with dry herb. A 14mm quartz banger for concentrates can be purchased separately at a discounted price.

The Piranha Beaker also features an ice pinch with small points to catch and hold ice cubes, which is a must-have for those who enjoy extra-cool rips. Easy to use and easy to clean, this medium-sized bong is the perfect addition to your collection. 

Straight Tubes

The 12" Piranha Straight Tube Bong features a simple yet classic design made with high-quality glass. The Straight Tube style is ideal for users looking for a piece with a longer neck and down stem percolator that creates a robust filtration. 

Plus, they're easier to grip while using it, so you don't have to worry about dropping or breaking the glass. Another classic-style bong with contemporary features, these beauts are sure to shine in your glass case. 

Hour Glass Rig

The Piranha Hourglass Waterpipe may be small and sleek, but don't let its sophisticated shape and size fool you. This powerful piece is made of high-quality borosilicate glass made to withstand high temperatures. 

The showerhead percolator features small slits on the bottom, resembling a showerhead, and is designed for better vaporization and filtration. This piece is designed to perfectly diffuse the smoke, making each hit smoother, cleaner, and tastier.

Available in six gorgeous colors, the Piranha Hourglass Waterpipe will add a touch of vibrant sophistication. Each piece comes with a bowl compatible with dry herb, but you can purchase a quartz banger to use the Hourglass with concentrates as a Rig. 

Bell Glass Rig

The Piranha Bell Rig's unique shape features a widened base and bell-shaped dome made of borosilicate glass. The design creates a pressure loop that keeps water flowing while efficiently diffusing hot smoke to enhance vaporization.

This small yet mighty rig is functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. It offers powerful filtration and smooth, clean rips, thanks to its specially-designed disc percolator. Plus, the attractive bell shape makes it a perfect centerpiece for your coffee table, desk, or shelf.

The units comes with a bowl compatible with flower, but you can purchase a quartz banger for 40% off to use the Beaker with concentrates as well. 

Other New Products and Updates from Piranha

We're looking to provide an all-in-one smoking experience with Piranha. To get the full experience, pair a Piranha glass rig or water pipe with these new rolling trays, grinders, and storage cans. For smokers on the go (and for the perfect impulse purchase at checkout), the Piranha taster displays make for a great last-minute upsell. Here's everything you need to know about these new Piranha products.

3" Glass Tasters (Display of 50)

The Piranha Glass Taster offers a discreet and convenient consumption experience for those looking to toke on the go. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and durable enough to take with you on all of your adventures.

Each taster is made with sturdy glass built to last and is equipped with a narrow bowl and pinch to prevent material from pulling through the mouthpiece. This functional yet straightforward Glass Taster will become your new favorite travel buddy.

Crush Can 4-Piece Grinder Storage Combo

The innovative Crush Can effortlessly crushes herb at maximum force, just like a piranha crushing its prey! It also features a child-resistant push-and-turn cap to keep curious little hands out of your stash. 

If you're looking for a storage and grinder solution all in one, this versatile accessory is your go-to. Airtight, smell-proof, and waterproof, the GT4 is not only functional but ethical; made using 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic. 

Three-Piece Grinder

The Piranha Three-Piece Grinder is for those with an appreciation for getting more from less. The omission of the screen chamber allows for quick access to the goods, a more efficient grind, reduces the maintenances of cleaning, and eliminates the chance of screen damage.

These grinders — made from anodized medical grade materials — stay true to the Piranha name with their razor-sharp teeth that shred your herb with a simple twist of the wrist. Just choose your color and get on with your grind.

Available in three sizes (2.0, 2.2, and 2.5), the 3-piece grinder is straightforward, sturdy, and always ready to shred herb with resilience Choose your color and get on with your grind. Now available in our signature color, Tropical Envy!

LED Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are a must-have smoking accessory, but sometimes, you get caught in the dark. Whether you're camping, sitting outside on the back porch, or too comfortable to get up and turn on the light, Piranha's new LED Rolling Tray will brighten up any smoke session. It has a designated spot for a grinder and comes with a bending mini light to easily inspect your herb.

This battery-powered rolling tray charges with a universal USB-C port and lasts for at least five hours on a single charge. Available in seven colors, the Piranha LED tray also features seven color-changing light settings. Customize your experience and roll it up with your favorite color for the perfect ambiance. 

Piranha products complement each other to create a total smoking experience.

Piranha products have exceptional margins, making it easy for you to offer your customers a quality yet affordable all-in-one smoking experience for your customers. 

Plus, they make perfect holiday gifts, too, so be sure to stock up in time!

Get everything you need all in place!

We offer a diverse product portfolio to outfit your store with everything you need to keep customers coming back for more. From glass and vapes to smell-proof luggage, rolling accessories, and other staples, we've got you covered as your go-to smoke shop distributor. Head over to our website and place an order today, and don't forget to check out our Weekly Deals!

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