Introducing My Bud Vase - Now available!

Introducing My Bud Vase - Now available!

Published by Denise Mckenzie on May 19th 2021

Are you looking for something new and exciting to fill your shelves with? How about supporting a women-owned brand? Look no further because My Bud Vase is a progressive company aiming to change the stigma of cannabis consumption by creating sophisticated smokable vases with a feminine flair. These unique vases are beautiful centerpieces that function as water pipes made from glass, porcelain, ceramic, and other materials sourced from artisans worldwide.

Creativity powered by feminine innovation.

My Bud Vase was created by ultrapeneur Doreen Sullivan, who set out to design stunning and elegant water pipes like no one's ever seen. These smokable beauties cater to an underrepresented population of cannabis users, namely women and women-identifying individuals-but not exclusively. My Bud Vase is for any curious connoisseur who wants to an extra dash of elegance to their smoking routine. 

Sullivan believes that "it's a beautiful plant and should be consumed in a beautiful way," and we couldn't agree more. By channeling the power of femininity and the healing spirit of cannabis into her artistic products, My Bud Vase creates a smoking experience unlike any other. This distinctive brand is a must-have in contemporary smoke shops and dispensaries.

What is unique about My Bud Vase?

My Bud Vase is a boutique brand that aims to empower women with decorative and functional smokable vases. Using creative marketing tactics, My Bud Vase is making a splash in the smoke shop industry. From trade show mermaids promoting the beautiful pieces to entertaining songs and commercials, this lineup of elegant smoking accessories is sure to turn some heads towards your glass selection.

It's smoking made beautiful.

Each gorgeous vase serves as a functional centerpiece and comes with decorative accouterments, including faux flowers to garnish your vase while not in use. Certain pieces also include ornate pokers to ease the smoking experience while looking beautiful. Other specialty vases come with a tray, storage container, and even a candle holder.

Vase Collections

Friends (Phoebe, Monica, Rachel)

PhoebeMonica, and Rachel are gorgeously shaped white porcelain vases with colorful relief flowers that are a delight to look at and hold. The paper rosebuds add a light touch of beauty while also functioning as a flower poker. Because Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel are besties, we suggest picking up all three to give your glass display a new, feminine look.

Rosette (Aqua, Coral, Mauve)

The Rosette is a petite, curvy piece reminiscent of antique white porcelain that comes with a matching stoneware aqua-colored flower poker. Three accent colors are available in aquacoral, and mauve. Featuring a fixed downstem and small custom ball, The Rosette represents a distinct sophistication you can only find with the My Bud Vase brand.

Rose (Lilac, Pink, Ivory)

The Rose is a lovely and timeless porcelain smokable vase embellished with a gorgeous two-inch relief flower, adding a sophisticated touch to your customer's sacred stash. This delicate piece is available in lilacpink, and ivory. It makes for a perfect gift for a mother's day, a wedding, or a birthday.

Specialty Vases


One of our best-sellers, the Mermaid is an exquisite showpiece that will draw much attention to your glass section. Contoured in fine ceramic, the Mermaid's textured scales and dipped crackle-glazed finish mirror the ocean itself in a rich ombré of tawny sands, teals, aqua, and seashell white.


The Vamp is on a mission to end prohibition! This lovely vampiress is sure to conjure up a memorable toking session. Each vase comes with fabulous red lips and lipstick rhinestone earring studs, faux ostrich feather amulet, cloisonne logo poker, and black glass bubble bowl complete this decadent vase.


The Stardust is a gorgeous, thick textured glass decanter-shaped vase. Its body features intricately hand-painted gold detailing with a matching stopper that sparkles like crystal. The Stardust also includes a large clear bubble bowl and an ivory pearl anemone flower poker.


The Coyote is one of our top-selling vases featuring a sanded texture over a matte-painted full-bodied base. It includes a matching succulent topper and the bottle-brush style faux flower poker.


The Burmëse is a stunning vase featuring a black and gold porcelain snakeskin pattern and gold-rimmed mouthpiece. The Burmëse is one of the larger vases in the My Bud Vase lineup, sporting a bold and eye-catching black bubble bowl and faux cherry blossoms.

Love Bud

The Love Bud is another petite water pipe standing only 5.5 inches tall, but size doesn't matter. It hits like a champ! The Love Bud features a print graphic of the male and female cannabis plant, paired with a beautiful heart-shaped mouthpiece and custom cannabis leaf poker. It's love at first toke!

Double Happiness

The Double Happiness features beauty and craftsmanship of this double-handled blue and white porcelain vase will never go out of style. Like all true classics, this vase transcends the boundaries of time and style and adds a new twist to an old classic. It comes with a large bubble bowl and a faux magnolia arrangement.

Luck w/ Plate & Jar

The Luck combines the traditional with the trendsetting. This chic blue and white porcelain set features a beautifully designed vase with a matching stash container and coaster. The Luck also includes a clear bubble bowl, a fern leaf stem poker, and white foam flowers to give Luck a unique and discreet look when not in use.

Lotus w/ Tray & Candle Holder

The Lotus w/ Tray & Candle Holder comes as a matching set complete with a skinny porcelain vase, a lotus-shaped candle holder sitting on an oval tray. This lovely set features a vintage-inspired orange and blue floral print. It also includes a hemp wick, tea light, and faux flower poker to decorate your vase while not in use.


The Deangelo w/ Tray & Jar is here to make a statement. This three-piece ceramic set features a classy matte charcoal gray color with a burnished copper finish. DeAngelo embodies the proper strength and conviction of its namesake, the founder of the Last Prisoner Project, Steve DeAngelo.

The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit coalition dedicated to decriminalization and advocating justice to those wrongfully incarcerated. My Bud Vase is proud to donate $15 from each DeAngelo set purchased on their retail website to the organization.

Add a little femme fatale to your glass selection.

Ready to beautify your waterpipe selection? My Bud Vase is now available for wholesale at Windship Trading! Place an order online or call your sales rep for more details.

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