Genius Pipe - Accessories - Taster V.2 Oil Attachment

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Your Genius Pipe just got a lot more functional. Used for concentrates, the V2 Tasters turns the Genius Pipe into a compact oil rig that fits in your pocket and doesn't need water! It will not add to or affect the taste of your favorite concentrates. Genius Tasters are to be used in combination with the Evolution slider. The Taster fits down into the Genius bowl and features a groove underneath that functions as a lock when the slider is slid into place. This ensures a secure connection with the Genius Pipe.

Genius Taster V2 Features:

  • Convert Your Genius Pipe to a Dab Rig
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Heat Sink Ridges Keep Heat Away from Pipe
  • Smooth, Water-less and Portable Dabbing Solution
  • Compatible with Genius Pipes featuring an Evolution Slider
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Genius Pipe - Accessories - Taster V.2 Oil Attachment

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