BRNT Designs Yaketa Wood Rolling Tray - Walnut

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Wholesale BRNT Designs Yaketa Wood Rolling Tray - Walnut


Everything artful about the Yaketa by BRNT Designs was deliberate. When designing BRNT’s first rolling tray, the team looked to source a natural material to ground its outer corners and large footprint. At face value, the wood is beautiful, strong and versatile. But when you understand the depth of the material, you know that walnut’s durability ensures a piece will last for decades when designed by a quality craftsman. Historically, walnut was a symbol for clarity and focus, the gathering of energy, and the beginning of new projects.

Cleaning Instructions.

Yaketa is safe to clean with hot water and soap. If there is any resin, use an isopropyl alcohol swab to scrub off but do not soak the entire Yaketa in isopropyl alcohol.

Features & Specs.

  • Dedicated space for accessories -there is a spot for papers/ lighters and a storage section for accessories.
  • Discard corner to clean  - makes it easy to clean up after rolling.
  • Large rolling area
  • 250mm length | 9 & 7/8
  • 20mm height | 3/4

What's in the Box.

  • 1x - Wholesale BRNT Designs Yaketa Wood Rolling Tray - Walnut



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