RYOT Short Tubed (2") WOOD Tobacco Taster with DIGGER tip Assorted 6pack

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Wholesale RYOT Short 2 Inch Tubed Wood Tobacco Taster 6 Pack

Introducing the ultimate no-fuss smoking experience: The RYOT Short (2") WOOD One Hitter with DIGGER Tip Assorted 6pack TUBED is made from high quality woods and features heat-resistant tech and a digger tip.

What is a digger tip? It’s an innovate tool that helps you scoop your herb up into your one hitter. These are available in a variety of high-quality woods including rosewood, walnut, bamboo, and maple.

US Design Patent No. 657,091S



  • Available in Short (2") and Long (3") sizes
  • Includes 1 Walnut, 1 Rosewood, 1 Maple, 1 Bamboo, 1 Maple with Black Tip, and 1 Walnut with Black Tip
  • Designed to prevent heat transfer
  • Fits all standard RYOT Dugouts
  • Dimensions: 2.125" L x .25" W

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