Pulsar Rok Vaporizer - The Alchemist - Gold (Limited Edition)

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Wholesale Pulsar Rok Vaporizer - The Alchemist - Gold (Limited Edition)

The first in a series of special edition variants, Pulsar transmuted one of the best-selling electric dab rigs into a fresh golden form that's sure to elevate your next session with regal style.

This new release is paired with a taller XL cloud collar, new bullet carb cap with convenient silicone tether, charcoal base jar and black downstem - all in all, a novel approach to portable vaping that combines our now classic ergonomic design with a fresh look.

Delivering solid rips for both concentrates and flower, this limited edition e-rig is sure to be in demand, so don't wait to place your order and start dabbing with The Alchemist!

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