Pollen Press

  • Piranha Aluminum T-Press

    Piranha Aluminum T-Press

    Wholesale Piranha Aluminum T-Press The Piranha press is a quality pollen compression tool designed with the user in mind. The "T" handle makes cranking the press an easy task while 2 flat sides on either of the caps perfectly accommodate pliers...

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  • Kannastör Press

    Kannastör Press

    Wholesale Kannastör Press Designed for the long run Kannastör® botanical presses feature an all metal construction allowing you to safely treat your botanical extracts with heat without fear of contamination or failure...

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  • Sharpstone® Pollen Press

    Sharpstone® Pollen Press

    Features & Details: This Pollen Press is absolutely top of the line when creating pollen cakes! Anodized Silver finish is very durable and will not chip like paint. Made from durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Manufactured on High Tech CNC...

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  • Cali Crusher T Press

    PRESS IT. PRESS IT REAL GOOD.  This is a must have for serious pollen enthusiasts. Large Black Cali Crusher® Pollen "T" Press Made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum. "T" style handle allows for serious torquing power, creating tightly...

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  • Sharpstone® T-Bar Pollen Press

    Heavy Duty Made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum, the press requires low torque to deliver great results. Manufactured on High Tech CNC Equipment to ensure precision fit and absolutely smooth operation. T-Shaped handle provides outstanding grip...

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  • Space Case Pollen Press

    The Space Case pollen press is composed of five pieces. The pollen press is 1" wide and 2.5" tall, and comes with two Teflon coated plastic dowels in addition to the caps and main body of the press. The metal peices are made from aerospace grade...

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