Piranha Quartz Electric Domeless Banger Nail

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Wholesale Piranha Quartz Electric Domeless Banger Nail 

The perfect option for E-Nails.

The Piranha Quartz Electric Domeless Banger Nail, made specifically for E-Nails. Available in sizes 14MM or 19MM with both Male and Female joints. This quartz banger features a deep bucket-style dish. A small handle on the left side of the nail, level with the bottom of the dish, provides a resting place for the coil, which wraps snugly around the bottom half of the dish. Available for 16MM or 20MM coils. 


Piranha sells more than just quartz products, they sell a high quality experience with a low price point. The Piranha line of silicone containers, mats and storage for the concentrate market are always evolving and they have over 50 different options in grinders that will last a lifetime... guaranteed!

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