Errly Bird - Nest 2 Pen

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The newest installment of the Nest vaporizer pen...the Nest2!

There are several unique features of this pen: 

A shotgun style mouthpiece with incredible airflow meant for true connoisseurs!

Mag-tech connection technology-- all parts of the pen are connected via magnetism, say goodbye to sticky threading!

Dual quartz coil atomizer meant to give you the purest hits!

No glues, no plastics and no fibers like other pens on the market.

Large Crystal Quartz chamber so you don't have to refill every few hits.

Nest2 battery allows for optimal control; click the button five times to toggle on or off, and four times to cycle through its three color-coded temperature settings. [Low, Green; Medium, Blue; and High, Red].

15-second hit time so you can blow massive clouds while still preserving flavor!

Removable silicone mouthpiece makes for easy cleaning.

The battery holds double the charge of other pens and is fully charged in about an hour.

All inclusive kit that includes a micro-USB charger, dabber, and an EXTRA FREE replacement Nest2 atomizer.

Wherever you’re headed, The Nest2 is the perfect companion for easy on-the-go vaping. This is the new standard for dabbing connoisseurs.

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