Stock Your Smoke Shop for the Holidays

Stock Your Smoke Shop for the Holidays

Published by Denise Mckenzie on Nov 26th 2020

Can you believe it's already time for the holidays?

I'm sure you've been prepping your store to get ready for the busy shopping season. If you sell online, I'll bet you're bracing yourself for the influx of online orders. We know people will be doing a lot of online shopping this year. Still, if you can safely open for in-person retail and allow shoppers to practice social distancing, you're likely to see a lot of foot traffic, too. Either way, your customers will be looking for the perfect gifts for friends and families, especially their cannabis-loving giftees.

Here's what to stock your smoke shop with this holiday season.

You'll want to make sure you have a good variety of stocking stuffers and other smaller items for easy gift-giving. If you have customers looking to go big, there are plenty of higher-end products that will surely make any cannabis enthusiast's holiday much brighter.

We've put together a 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Smoke Shops. Pick up a few of these great products to boost your sales this winter. You'll find a variety of Windship Trading's latest additions, top-sellers, and industry classics.

CBD Wellness

Martha Stewart CBD

Martha Stewart is edging the market with her brand new CBD line, and she's doing it better than anyone else. By using 100% US-grown hemp to create the purest CBD isolate, your customers can now welcome CBD wellness into their daily self-care routines with safety and consistency in mind.

As CBD's use for wellness becomes more normalized, younger adults with aging parents and grandparents will likely introduce a CBD brand to them. With a household name like Martha Stewart, it practically sells itself. Your current clientele will love the delicious gourmet gummies, oil drops, and softgels. Plus, you'll also open your market to new demographics.

Windship Trading Co. is now the exclusive distributor for Martha Stewart CBD. If you're interested in picking up this award-winning line, contact your sales rep or reach out to us to learn more about the product and our new, introductory promotions.

Coming soon: Martha Stewart CBD wellness for pets!

Smoke & Vape Products

Hand Pipe by Session Goods

The Hand Pipe by Session Goods is the definition of minimalist simplicity and functionality. This sophisticated little piece features a unique cone-shaped design that is a stylish and modern take on a classic smoking accessory. Its silicone sleeve not only offers protection surrounding the coned-shaped glass, but it also allows for convenient portability, even while packed full of herb.

The Hand Pipes are available in four colors: Charcoal, Blush, Celery, and Indigo. It is an excellent sell for a customer looking to gift something to their favorite artful cannabis connoisseur. Session Goods also make a pretty slick Waterpipe for the bong-lovers out there.

Empire Glassworks

The new dry pipes and spoon pipes from Empire Glassworks make excellent additions to any smoker's accessories collection. Following the creative glassblowers' tradition of incorporating intricately detailed glass critters and characters, they've expanded this line by adding a few new designs featuring garden critters, frogs, dragons, and oceanic creatures.

The new line of dry pipes features UV-reactive accents. Choose from The Tree of Souls, Chandelier Tree, or the Peyote design for a more psychedelic, glow-in-the-dark smoking experience. They also have a new Mini Rig shaped like a water bottle and a gumball machine carb cap.

Elevate Accessories

The Colorado-based company is redefining cannabis culture with an innovative line of classic smoking products, designed with a modern sensibility. Our in-house brand, Elevate Accessories, offers a classy, up-to-date take on two smokeshop staples, the one-hitter, and the dugout. Using colored glass elements and beautifully crafted walnut and maple wood finishes, Elevate features an artisan design with excellent functionality. Choose from the Colfax Dugout, The Mighty Hitter, and the Mini Hitter. Plus, we have replacement glass joints and wooden tips.

Smoking Accessories

Ugly Rolling Trays

We've got a bunch of cool new rolling trays in stock by Get Ugly. Each tray features a unique design, including Pop Art, Munchies, Blazed, and more. The best deal is the Ugly Rolling Tray bundle, which includes one tray with a magnetic lid, three hemp paper cones, and a pack of unbleached hemp rolling papers. You can also pick up the Mini Tray with a magnetic lid or the Biodegradable version, perfect for the eco-friendly folks out there.

MouthPeace Personal Filters

The MouthPeace Personal Filter by Moose Labs is a safer way and healthier way to enjoy a session with close friends or when smoking solo. You simply hold the filter up to your mouth with it sitting on the mouthpiece of your water pipe, making it, so you never make direct contact with it.

Its new triple-layer activated carbon filter removes resins, contaminants, and tar from your smoke, too. Filters and packaging are made of biodegradable and recycled materials. Pick up a 10-piece countertop display for the perfect upsell with any glass piece.

Other Fun Stuff

Beamer Candle Co. - Candles + Wax Melts

The candles and wax melts from The Beamer Candle Company feature unique, great-smelling scents that produce a relaxing aroma. With a 90-hour burn time, your home will be smelling great for a long time! The candle is made from modern soy blend wax with a lead-free wick, so you know it's safe to burn.

Choose from over twenty fantastic scents, many with fun names like Blueberry High Pie, Bomb Ass Banana Bread, and Grandma's Baking Again. Cannabis Killer, Nag Champa, and Morrocan Amber are also popular choices.


People love stationary, especially when "stoner" themed! The High Deas Stoner Stationery Set by KushKards is for the smoking professional who gets sh*t done and enjoys the creative highs. Grab the notepad and write those #highdeas down. The High Deas Set includes everything that's needed to jot down whatever comes to an elevated mind. We also stock a few of the stoner-themed greeting cards that come with a one-hitter bat to gift.

Magical Butter Machine

If you have customers willing to spend a little more for the perfect holiday gift, the Magical Butter Machine will be a big hit. This gift is ideal for any kitchen-savvy cannabis fan who wants to create their own infusions and edibles at home. Though it does have a higher price than most items on this list, the Magical Butter Machine has become a household name and is always a great seller. If you want to offer less expensive options for butter makers and infusers, check out the Herbal Chef Electric Infuser or the Easy Butter Makers.

Stock up on great products for the holidays.

We've got you and your holiday shoppers covered from pipes and vapes to accessories, candles, and kitchen appliances. If you're looking to replenish your shelves after the early holiday rush, or want to try new products, hit up your sales rep or place an order online.

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