SmoJo - The Permanent Smoking Screen

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Wholesale SmoJo Permanent Smoking Screen 

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Gone are the days of using mesh or glass screens that always fall out. The SmoJo Permanent Smoking Screen is the last screen you'll need! Don't worry about remembering to sift out the screen every time you empty your pipe. SmoJo screens stay in place using a small anchor that clips on to a bowl or pipe, and are super easy to remove for cleaning.

This innovative pipe screen also blocks ash and build-up with a simple two-pronged grid covering the hole in the bottom of the bowl, but still allows smoke to pass through. The screen's asymmetric geometry creates dynamic openings that will never clog.

The SmoJo screens are available in 10-packs, which you can piece out or sell as a whole pack. There are also two different 24-count displays with single units and three packs. They fit perfectly next to any cash register or countertop. 


  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Fits most single-hole bowls and pipes
  • Stays in place with anchor locking system 
  • Lasts as long as 1000 glass or mesh screens

How does it work?  

Using caution on glass pipes, turn pipe upside down and insert SmoJo, using a gentle rocking motion until the tail passes through the hole. If Smojo falls out, spread tails wider apart and re-insert. When needed, clean SmoJo in alcohol then dry thoroughly or burn clean with lighter.

Scroll down for a demo video and more tips for cleaning.

Selling Points: 

  • It's a great add-on to any bowl or pipe purchase
  • It lasts longer than any traditional mesh or glass screen
  • Compatible with just about any single-hole bowl or pipe

What's in the Box: 

10 Pack

  • 10x SmoJo Screens

24 Count w/ Single Units

  • 1x Display
  • 24x SmoJo Screens

24 Count w/ 3-packs

  • 1x Display
  • 24x 3-count packs of SmoJo Screens 

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