Diversify your Smoke Shop with the Industry's Hottest New Products

Diversify your Smoke Shop with the Industry's Hottest New Products

Published by Denise Mckenzie on Aug 31st 2021

Here are the latest smoking accessories now available at Windship Trading.

New brands, fresh products, and a wide selection-

We're always looking for ways to expand our product offerings across all categories: Prepare, Consume, Preserve, Live. With the looming PACT ACT ban of shipping vapes, rising shipping costs, and supply chain issues, it's high time we start to rethink our product offerings, and you should, too!

From laser-heating waterpipes, terp timers, rolling papers, grinders, vapes, cooking kits, and apparel to an assortment of other unique accessories, Windship Trading's your one-stop smoke shop distributor. We've got you covered on all the new goodies to stock your smoke shop or dispensary. 

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Think like a Scout and be prepared for anything and everything.

The Prepare Category houses all the necessary and creative tools needed to get the job done. You wouldn't go camping in the woods without the essentials. The same goes for any smoke shop!

Your customers have their own unique and sometimes quirky smoking rituals and preferences. Stocking a wide selection of tools and accessories will allow you to cater to all walks of life. And thankfully, there is no shortage of variety in this category.

Myster High-End Accessories and Octave

The StashTray Bundle by Myster High-End includes everything you need for an efficient ritual. The Bundle includes a stainless steel rolling tray, a Myster strain container, 4-piece Myster grinder, an ashtray with a pipe cleaning spike and a Leatherette StashBox to store everything. Plus, each piece is sold separately

Having everything in one place keeps your coffee table or desk organized and clean. Having all the parts magnetically attached to the tray makes the Stashtray effortless to use on the go. It's like a liquor cabinet but for people who enjoy other fine things.

Myster's sister company, Octave, has developed an excellent high-end solution to temperature control. The Terp Timer is a desktop wireless thermal sensor that dials in the exact temperature when concentrating. The advanced technology allows for seamless and precise dabbing. Set the desired temp and the unit will beep to remind you when it hits that temperature. The battery on it's incredible, lasting for two to three months before the next charge. Crazy! Octave also backs the Terp Timer with a whopping ten-year warranty.

You'll find The HAMR by Myster in the Consume category, a handheld cold start rig for consuming concentrates. This all-in-one setup streamlines a formerly complicated process by centralizing all of the necessary pieces into one unit.


It's dangerous to go alone, take this!

When it comes to consuming herb and extracted oils, there are many options, and there's something for everyone. In the Consume Category, you'll find a wide variety of waterpipes, glass pipes, and rolling papers rolling papers, and much more for the classic toker. Our vaporizer and rig selection is forever evolving for the modern smoker, becoming more sophisticated as technology advances. We have all the staples from pen-sized and portable to at-home e-rigs; our vape selection covers every preference and price point.

Trident by Hitoki

The Trident by Hitoki is a one-of-a-kind waterpipe delivers the cleanest experience for herbal blends using a distinctive laser combustion method akin to a magnifying glass under the sun for a tasty, clean draw. This unique process offers a healthier alternative to conventional heating methods.

The Trident's design features a special laser shield that lets you safely view the mesmerizing laser ignition. Thoughtfully built to last, Hitoki's welcomes users to experience a new level of sophistication in herbal consumption with this revolutionary new water pipe.

This easy-to-use device features water filtration, multiple power settings, safety interlocks, and 1 hour 45 min fast charging capable of 280+ uses on a single charge. With proper care, the Trident's laser has a lifespan of over 5,000 hours.

Honey Dabber by HoneyLabs

Concentrate lovers, especially those on the go, don't have to wait for the tip to cool down after using the HoneyDabber Concentrate Straw. Simply slide the heat-resistant wooden sleeve back over the nail to pack up and peace out.

The HoneyDabber is a tried and true "Daily Driver" for all types of consumers, from the mountaineer to the city slicker, from coast to coast, and border to border. That said, quality of craftsmanship and consumer satisfaction is a #1 priority for this American-made brand.

HoneyLabs makes their durable, convenient dab straws in Northeast Ohio with sturdy locally sourced cherry wood. Choose from quartz and/or titanium tips and several different laser-etched designs to provide a variety for your customers.

Elektra by SoloPipe

The Elektra Rechargeable Lighter and Pipe by Solopipe elevates the smoking experience with a simple, sleek, and timeless design that's durable enough to take with you anywhere on the go. The Elektra's rechargeable heating coil is embedded beautifully in a pure ceramic bowl. The internal glass stem provides a pure ceramic/glass smoke experience protected by Elektra's durable Zn Alloy exoskeleton.

The Elektra's fits perfectly in your pocket, and the sliding bowl ensures that nothing falls out of the bowl while on the go. The ceramic bowl, heating coil, mouthpiece, and glass stem are all removable, allowing seamless cleaning. Use the multipurpose poker/packer tool to stir contents during use and helps poke out the leftovers when the bowl is cashed.

Tommy Chong Aria Kit by XVape

Tommy Chong wants to make sure something good happens to your customers at 4:20, too- and so does one of our best-selling brands!

"Something good always happens at 4:20 for me." - Tommy Chong

XVape Vaporizers has teamed up with the one-and-only counterculture legend, Tommy Chong, to collaborate on a special edition of the XVape Aria.

Tommy Chong's Aria Kit features an exclusive Tommy-themed design with a matching display box. The Kit also comes with unique accessories, including a dab tool featuring Tommy's cartoon face and Tommy-branded flower and concentrate jars.

This special edition Aria Kit includes all the best features you know and love, including a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.


A well-maintained stash and glass collection is always impressive.

You'll want to keep a wide selection of cleaners and wipes for your customers to keep their pipes squeaky clean. And we all know how much smokers love their glass collection. Help them protect their coveted pieces by offering hard and soft storage solutions. The Preserve Category houses everything from hard storage containers, airtight stash jars, smell-proof luggage, cleaning supplies, and the list goes on. Check out some of the new digs!

Revelry Supply

Revelry Supply focuses on the details to create "off-the-clock lifestyle accessories using quality materials and construction to make products that last. Revelry's products are inspired by a desire to create gear that seamlessly transitions through every part of the day. 

The technical yet straightforward designs are unique and discreet, made with quality materials and construction to make products that last from outdoor adventures, road trips, or kicking back at home.

A classic aesthetic paired with an attention to detail makes Revelry's collections perfect for any adventure. Choose from wide range of smell-proof and water-resistant backpacks, luggage, coolers, hard storage, duffle bags, and more. 


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

The Live Category has a little bit of everything, offering a plethora of products for every kind of cannabis lover. Choose from air filters, odor-eliminating sprays, scented candles, cooking kits, infusion tools, and much more. Most of these products are smoke shop staples, so it's a good idea to stock a little bit of everything.

Green Queen Brownie Infusion Kit

Easily bake edibles at home with the Green Queen Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit! This intuitive infusion kit takes the guesswork out of edibles, so consumers get the most out of their herb.

This homemade method is 93% faster than traditional infusion methods, meaning Green Queen brownies are ready to eat in only one hour. The patent-pending formula features a complex mixture of carboxylic acids, which aid in the infusion of cannabinoids – resulting in super-rich brownies every time.

Hand-mixed in Austin, Texas in small batches of ten with quality ingredients, these kits are specially formulated to bond to herbal ingredients in a fraction of the time. Using imported cocoa from Switzerland, it's hard to go wrong with the delicious taste, and total potency and efficiency experienced when using Green Queen's Classic Fudge Infusion Brownie Kit.

Zen Zingers by ParaCanna

Zen Zingers by ParaCanna offers a customizable edible experience. Combine the infused oil of choice (sold separately) with The Kit to make delicious infused edible gummies at home. It has everything you need to create your edible experience and mix to make fifteen infused gummies. 

Use the Zen Zingers kits with any infusion or extraction machine or process, such as the Magical Butter Machine or the Ardent Nova. Choose from four distinct flavors: Raspberry, Mango, Cola, and Cherry Bomb.

Stock your shop with a bit of everything at Windship Trading.

The industry is changing. Let's keep up!

With the onset of commercialization in the smoke shop industry, people are becoming more creative and innovative as technology advances. It's fantastic to see how much has evolved over there years. Over the last year, it seems like these fresh, niche products are slowly taking over, and you don't want to miss out! Keep your shelves stocked with the latest and greatest by placing your wholesale smoke shop orders with Windship Trading.

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