Elevate Facet Joint Tip Kit

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Wholesale Elevate Slugger Joint Case

Whether enjoying a spliff alone or with friends, add an Elevate joint tip to turn a good safety meeting into a great one. Regular use will continuously season and condition the wood, ensuring that this tip lasts for a lifetime.* Choose from a rich black walnut or a strong hard maple. Sold as a full kit to get you to the next level with ease. Includes pre-rolled cones from RAW in a doob tube so you can pack a J and be ready for anything. Also include small protective plastic case for joint tip.

Kit includes the following:
• 1 Joint tip with small, plastic doob tube case
• 3 Pre-rolled cones from Elements
• 1 Large, paper doob tube case (holds 2 packed cones, or one cone and one tip)


*To make sure the tip lasts the test of time, we recommend always using a crutch when smoking with these external tips.


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