Cali Crusher Domeless Titanium Nail

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For those serious about their dabs

Cali Crusher Domless Titanium Nails have an adjustable nail head for max air flow that is easy to remove for cleaning. Great for enthusiasts that don't want to bother with domes or globes. Measures approx 2" and fits a 14mm, 18mm or 19mm stem.

  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • 2″ in length, 3/4″ in width
  • Adjustable dab plate for perfect intake air flow
  • 14/18/19mm 
  • Domeless, no need for extra parts. No more broken domes.


Known to be very durable and long lasting; Titanium nails are used with concentrate rigs/dab rigs/oil Rigs to consume wax, concentrate and essential oil. To use the Titanium nail you simply heat the nail using a butane torch, then use a dabber (dab tool) to place the concentrate on the nail. The Titanium nail retains extreme heat causing the concentrate to vaporize rather than combust like you would see with a dry herb rig

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