Windship Sails to CHAMPS Trade Show!

Windship Sails to CHAMPS Trade Show!

Published by Krissy Pizzo on Feb 26th 2019

Windship Trading is sailing out to CHAMPS trade show this week. “The premier counterculture B2B expo since 1999” is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary! The first trade show of the year will be held in CHAMPS hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The event travels to Denver, Orlando, and Atlantic City with plans to expand to Michigan and New England.

The Glass Games

The oldest trade show in the cannabis industry features a glass blowing competition called The Glass Games. Artists battle in local competitions for an entry slot in the Masters Finales! Glass blowing artists from across America gather to put their skills to the test. The Glass Games Masters Finale, also known as the Flameoff, will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. Artists must create an exceptional glass piece in 14 hours over the course of two days. Talented finalists battle head to head for a chance to win over $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Expert artist Matty White crafts glass skulls with Snodgrass Glass

B2B Opportunities 

CHAMPS offers an incredible opportunity for both large companies and start-up business to establish stronger ties within the community.The biggest investors and innovators of the cannabis business come together to rub elbows and attend  fun B2B events. This was the original hope for CHAMPS when Peter Gage and Jeff Hirschfeld spearheaded the event.

“We have always backed the glass community and tried to promote high-end glass, as well as the artists themselves,”  says Peter. “After twenty years, we really have become a family.”

Fun Events

Windship Trading hopes to carry over the electrifying energy from Champs Trade Show to an electrifying After-Party! Drink and play at the Cannabition Art Museum on February 28th! We are hosting a Vegas styled After-Party from 8pm to 11pm! This event will feature music, an open bar, and charcuterie boards. Guests are required to bring in their Trade Show Badge to gain entry to our event. 

The Cannabition Cannabis Museum recently opened in September of 2018 and will be the venue for this event. It is, “the first immersive cannabis museum and the world’s only cannabis-themed attraction of its kind.” It is sure to be both fun and healthy for this industry being that people will be able to cultivate new relationships which will in turn lead to exciting opportunities in the future. Hope to see you there! 

This event will be sponsored by Ryot, Kannastor, Grav Labs and Happy Buddha!

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