Humble + Fume acquires Colorado-based cannabis lifestyle company

Humble + Fume acquires Colorado-based cannabis lifestyle company

Feb 3rd 2020

Toronto, ON — (1/3/2020) — Humble & Fume today announced it has acquired Elevate Accessories, a cannabis lifestyle accessories company based in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. The purchase will introduce the Elevate brand to a larger marketplace across North America at an appealing price for cannabis consumers.

The purchase of Elevate Accessories fits into Humble & Fume’s strategy to acquire strong brands that feature unique, high-quality products, and to grow those brands and diversify their portfolio of products. Acquiring the Colorado-based brand comes with the added benefit of establishing a sales force in the Denver area — a major market for cannabis consumption in the United States.

With this purchase, Elevate Accessories becomes a member of the Humble & Fume family of brands. The brand will see a refreshed image, an updated supply chain, and the launch of a wholesale presence in Humble & Fume’s existing sales channels both in Canada and the U.S. Customers will see new, innovative products at more competitive prices and faster fulfillment times on online orders. Starting early 2020, Elevate products will be available at brick-and-mortar retail locations across North America.

“We are incredibly excited and optimistic about Elevate,” said Humble & Fume CEO Robert Ritchot. “We had to find a way to get [Elevate] products into people’s hands at the right cost, and I think we’ve found that sweet spot.”

In preparation for the launch of wholesale distribution, the Elevate brand is focused on developing efficient manufacturing processes that will minimize production costs. Some manufacturing will be outsourced to China, though the bulk of product assembly and finishing will remain at the Elevate shop near Denver, Colorado.

As part of the acquisition, Elevate Accessories founder Alan Bader is now working for Windship Trading, Humble & Fume’s American subsidiary, as the product engineer for all in-house brands.

“As much as we love a product line, we like investing in the people,” said Ritchot. “We’re trying to identify people who fit in our organization, and we know [Bader] will work well with anyone or group who we bring on.”

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