Credit Card Processing in the Cannabis Industry - Get with Green Birdy!

Credit Card Processing in the Cannabis Industry - Get with Green Birdy!

Published by Denise Mckenzie on Sep 24th 2020

We know that finding a reliable merchant service provider is no easy feat, especially in the smoke shop, cannabis, and vaporizer worlds. Thankfully, there are more available resources for "high-risk" businesses than ever before. Companies like GreenBirdy specialize in credit card processing and provide other services that cater to these specific needs.

Why is it so hard to find a smoke shop processor?

The smoke shop industry has been notoriously scrutinized from every front, especially when managing finances. Credit card processing is yet another hurdle to overcome. Even the industry's leading companies have a tough time nailing down services that will approve business transactions and continually process payments for the long term.

What is MMP?

MMP, or a merchant monitoring program, tracks the transactional behavior of a company over time. Many smoke shops or online retailers are not aware that these companies are watching their websites and social media. It takes only one post on Instagram, or a wrongly worded product description on your website for your merchant account to get severed.

You've heard the story.

You probably know of once successful dispensaries or smoke shops who enjoyed record-breaking sales when opening for business. Then, soon after, their best-selling products were flagged, banned from selling online, or the company was dropped altogether by the credit card processor. This trend has especially hurt new entrepreneurs looking to market online and get their business off the ground.

As a smoke shop distributor, we know how difficult it is to find a merchant service to fit the industry's unique needs. That's why Windship Trading paired up with GreenBirdy, a full-service payment solutions company that provides credit card processing built precisely for these vulnerable companies.

Why GreenBirdy?

GreenBirdy is very familiar with the unique challenges cannabis-adjacent businesses face and is dedicated to finding solutions for companies to flourish in the "green" industry. They cater to all types, from large-scale wholesale distributors to start-up eCommerce retailers in the following sectors:

  • Smoke
  • Vape
  • CBD
  • Nutra
  • Cannabis dispensaries
  • And many more...

Benefits of GreenBirdy

  • Industry knowledge- Their team has 25+ years of combined experience in the smoke shop industry and knows what it takes to prosper.
  • Fast depositing - You won't have to wait forever to get paid just because your business is "high-risk."
  • Fair rates - GreenBirdy aims to offer the best rates possible to keep you happy and in partnership with them for the long term.

Get more for your money.

What's really cool about GreenBirdy is that you get more than just payment protection. They also offer a variety of web packages, content marketing plans, and social media management in addition to POS products to integrate credit card processing.

All website and social accounts comply with the standards of social media networks and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). Also, all social and web content they provide is written in-house by professional writers. The content is then reviewed by a card brand compliance officer to attract new business without the risk of losing a merchant account.

Take it from us.

We've seen so many smoke shops and other companies we service get crushed by processing setbacks before they ever get ahead. Whether you are a dispensary looking for a CBD credit card processor or a tobacco store merchant, GreenBirdy is here to help at-risk markets thrive.

Get with GreenBirdy.

If you're thinking about selling smoke shop products online, or you have encountered the hurdles we've discussed in the post, consider reaching out to GreenBirdy for a free consultation. Be sure to mention that you've been recommended by Windship Trading for special rates.

Better yet, just let your sales rep know you are interested in credit card processing services, and we'll have GreenBirdy reach out to you directly.

Get with Windship Trading.

If you don't currently have an account with us, we can help with that, too! All you have to do is request a wholesale account, and we'll contact you to get things rolling.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions about GreenBirdy or any of the products we offer.

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