7 New Products to Stock Your Shelves with This Fall

7 New Products to Stock Your Shelves with This Fall

Published by Denise McKenzie on Sep 11th 2019

As we squeeze in the last bits of summer, many smoke shop owners are already clearing out old inventory to make room for the upcoming holiday season.

Yes, that’s right. We said it. You know it’s coming…It’s inching closer and closer.

You may not be ready to think about bustling holiday months, but your competition down the street might be.

How can you prepare your shop before the madness?

A surefire way to level your competition is to stay ahead of the game. Stock your shop before the rush with the latest and greatest now available at Windship Trading.

From upgraded classic brands like Pulsar, to new vape batteries, scales, and odor removers- we have a little bit of everything to service a unique customer base.

Here are some of our newest additions you will want on your shelves this fall.


1) VapMod V-Mod 900mAh

What’s it for? Prefilled oil cartridges.

The V-Mod is on pace with the latest trend of tiny batteries you’ve seen come out in the last year. But this one is even slimmer and more compact.

It’s easy to use and easy to take with you just about anywhere.

  • Sleek and compact design with magnetic 510 threading
  • 3-temperature adjustable variable voltage battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Preheat a cartridge by pressing the button twice

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2) Yocan Uni Pro

What’s it for? Prefilled oil cartridges of any size.

Have you noticed when you get a new oil cartridge, it may not be the exact same size as the last? It could be shorter or longer, or perhaps the diameter is a different.

This model is the first of its kind to fit all typesof cartridges with it’s adjustable diameter dial and built-in height slider.

  • 650mAh box mod battery with OLED display
  • Adjusts height and diameter to fit any cartridge
  • 10-second preheat function for ideal vaping
  • Voltage ranges from 2.0V-4.2V

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3) Pular RöK

What’s it for? Concentrates, but also has a dry herb attachment.

Pulsar’s new e-rig is perfect for a customer looking to step up their concentrate game but doesn’t want to spend their entire savings on a new toy.

The RöK is an innovative solution for a more flavorful session complete with rapid fire variable voltage settings and full temperature control. You can even go hands-free with the 30-second “RöK” mode.

The isolated air path creates a pure and clean hit while the disc percolator further enhances the tasting experience with premium filtration.

  • Made with durable and quality materials
  • Futuristic design with borosilicate disc percolator filtration
  • 3 Variable voltage settings and full temperature control
  • Uses quartz coil and ceramic heating elements

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4) XVape Aria

What’s it for? Dry herb is best, also can take concentrates.

The Aria is an affordable option for a quality experience while vaping dry herb.

It uses a 100% isolated airflow path that produces thick clouds of full-flavored vapor. Combined with the all-ceramic oven, whoever is vaping from this unit is in for a tasty session.

  • 2600mAh rechargeable passthrough battery
  • Temperature range of 212°F – 464°F
  • Full digital control with OLED Screen
  • Comes with a concentrate pad

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5) Session Goods Waterpipe

In two words- unapologetically simple. This waterpipe is just that! Its classy, sleek design is made for the modern smoker, complete with interchangeable silicone accessories to compliment your style.

It even comes with replacement parts because, you know, life happens. That is a huge selling point!

  • Made with borosilicate glass
  • Silicone footer indicates water line and protects glass
  • Comes with extra grommet, bowl and downstem

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6) Truweigh Scales

These compact scales are easy to use and comfortably fit in your pocket or purse. We’ve picked up 5 of the brand’s latest best-sellers, including the Sonic, Zenith, Lynx, Apex and Blaze models.

  • Easy One-Button Calibration
  • Tare/Zero option
  • .01 and .1 readability for different models
  • Backlit LCD for easy reading

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7) Glob Mops XL 2.0

Concentrates certainly do get messy, especially when vaping at low temperatures. Glob Mops are a perfect upsell when you sell a customer The RöK or any other rig.

  • Double-sided 100% cotton with bamboo stick
  • Extra absorbent
  • Made in the USA

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Adding these products to your inventory now will give you a leg up on the competition before the holiday rush.

Even if you aren’t ready to start thinking about the holidays, these vaporizers and accessories are the latest additions to the industry and our bottom line. It wouldn’t hurt to add them to yours.

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